Parent Service Hours

Below is general information regarding service hours for parents:

  • Each family is responsible for completing a total of 15 hours of service to OCS per school year.  
  • The PTO and Office Staff will help keep track of service hours through Sycamore and Service Cards.
  • Transferring of hours to friends and/or family is not permitted.
  • OCS teachers and staff are exempt from completing service hours.

Valid service hour opportunities include:

  • Chaperoning a class field trip at the request of the teacher.  A chaperone should not have extra children (not in the class) attending the field trip
  • Attending Parent Workshops
  • Assisting a teacher at school or home, depending on the teacher’s request
  • Assisting with approved school activities or PTO activities
  • Attending PTO meetings
  • Serving as a Classroom Coordinator (Homeroom Parent)
  • Taking your child to the library or museum (Max 2 hours per location with proof)
  • A charge of $10 will be applied at the end of the school year for every uncompleted hour