OCS is an educational facility established to teach children with various learning styles and abilities.  However, OCS is not equipped with the resources and/or additional staff to teach children who have any special learning, speech, physical or behavioral problems.

New students are required to take an entrance examination administered by OCS and should score 80% or more in order to be eligible for admission. Kindergarten and 1st Grade students must show sufficient readiness to enter their respective grades on their entrance exam. The Preschool Director will screen preschool children.

All new students will be on probation for the first academic month. Those showing special learning, speech, behavior or study habit problems may not be able to continue at OCS.

All entering Kindergarten students must be five years old by September 1, and show both emotional and social adeptness for grade level.

At time of registration, parents must bring in proof of age by bringing in copies of birth certificates, passports, or other legal documentation.

OCS Administration in conjunction with Preschool will make final decisions in regards to specific class placements for all entering students.

It is not our school policy to entertain grade-skipping requests. Research on this issue suggests that students who are grade skipped miss out on important social and emotional learning, thus struggling later in life.

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