The Orange Crescent School ground spans over six acres of land with the following 

Athletic Fields

  • 1 Soccer Field
  • 4 Basketball Courts
  • 2 Tennis/Volleyball Courts
  • 2 Handball Courts

Computer Lab

The fully updated computer lab has 30 new computers composed of 25 Dell OptiPlex 2011 i5 20" and 5 Apple iMac i5 21.5" computers. The computer lab is used for our KG through 5th grade students’ computer science classes, for our middle school’s yearbook class, and to offer adult computer classes as a way to serve our broader community.

Quran Learning Center

20 computers fill our Quran Learning Center where students are able to learn to supplement their reading and memorization with the aid of Quran Explorer.

Science Lab

The first phase of our brand new science lab was installed in early 2014. The science lab is composed of 10 new lab benches with acid resistant tops, 30 lab stools for students, a movable demonstration table with plumbing for the teacher, a teacher’s lab stool, and a lockable storage cabinet. Students have started performing experiments in this science lab.

ISSA Library

Named after the school's first Librarian, Br. Issa, the ISSA Library is a cozy place for students to read. It contains over 500 books, 10 tables and 30 chairs for students.


Students have access to a Masjid where they pray the noon prayer in congregation (Thuhr) every day and the Friday Prayer each week.

Home Economics Lab

Our Home Economics is equipped with 7 sewing machines, 3 cooking stations, and 10 griddles.  Home Economics is broken into 3 major units: Sewing, Cooking and Life Skills.  For Sewing, students make their own pajama pants, learn how to sew both by hand and with a sewing machine, embroider, make pillows, etc.   For Cooking, students learn how to follow a recipe, proper cutting techniques and styles, measurement, proper food handling and preparation.  For Life Skills, students learn how to write a check, balancing a check book, sew a button, repair a hole, stay on budget when preparing a meal, etc.


Hot lunch is offered daily to students and staff catered by Halal Restaurants such as Cham-Ya, KFC, and Pizza Hut.